100 % renewable energy!

Mer offers 100% renewable energy – throughout our nationwide charging network! Whether you want to rapid/ultra-rapid charge (above 50/150 kw) , fast charge ( between 22 – 50 kw) or normal charge at our public charging site, you can be sure that you get 100% renewable energy for your EV. We have a guarantee of origin from Norwegian hydro power on all public charging – so you can travel as green as possible!

Prices in the north of Norway

Normal charging

4,99 kr per kWh

Fast and rapid charging

7,09 kr per kWh

Prices in the south of Norway

Normal charging

6,49 kr per kWh

Fast and rapid charging

7,99 kr per kWh

How to pay for charging at Mer charging points

  • If you have a Norwegian bank account, you can drop-in charge and pay with  Vipps! No customer registration needed at Mer.
  • Download our app and register as a customer – and register your credit card
  • If you are a registered customer, you can also charge with our chip/RFID