This is Mer

Have you charged your car with us? Mer is one of Norway’s leading charging companies, with over 800 lightning and quick chargers in Norway. You will find us at around 300 destinations across the country – from Lindesnes in the south to Tromsø in the north.

We are also among the most experienced and we started early building a nationwide charging network in Norway. Mer has been working with electric mobility since the electric car was reserved for the few – ever since 2009. Back then we were called Grønn Kontakt and were involved in a small piece of pioneering work. Together with the rest of the industry, we have gone ahead and shown the world that the electric car is a perfectly good alternative, even in a long, hilly and cold country like Norway. We are really proud to have achieved that!

Mer is where the people are

Our mission is to make it easy to travel environmentally friendly – for everyone. That is why we are concerned with being where people are. And that’s why you’ll find our chargers outside supermarkets, public buildings, in car parks in city centres, and along all major roads. We are continuously expanding and improving our charging network, so that it will be even easier to choose electric.

In addition to chargers along the road, we also offer smart charging for housing associations and companies. As a total supplier of charging solutions, we adapt solutions for large and small housing associations, housing companies, companies and commercial properties. Mer supplies smart and forward-looking charging systems that can be scaled up, and that distribute both charging power and costs in a fair way.

Om Mer

Guaranteed green

Mer Norway is based in Kristiansand, and is part of the international group Mer AS, with companies in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Great Britain. In total, we have more than 350 employees and 35,000 charging points across large parts of Europe.

Such a position comes with a responsibility. By charging at one of our public charging stations, you are guaranteed 100 percent clean, Norwegian energy into your battery. We can promise that, because we are owned by Statkraft, Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy. We buy a guarantee of origin from Norwegian hydropower on all electricity that passes through our public charging stations – and in the app our customers get an overview of how much CO2 they have saved the environment for by charging at Mer.

We take pride in delivering sustainable solutions and have been certified as an Environmental Lighthouse company in 2023. By the time 2023 is over, we have the ambition to become the first carbon-neutral charging company for electric cars in Europe. In other words:

We are charged for the future.


Mer has a number of exciting collaborations, which benefit our customers. Among our good partners are Coop, OBOS, Olav Thon Gruppen and Burger King.