European electric travel made easier7. februar 2017

European fast charging networks commit to seamless European electric car travel

Today, 5 European fast charging networks announce the Open Fast Charging Alliance. The alliance members will enable roaming to create a premium network of fast chargers all over Europe. This network will be open to all EVs, and will make long distance travel even easier. It is clear by now that all major car brands are working on electric cars that can go at least 400 km. It is key that these cars can recharge at a convenient European network of fast charging stations with sufficiently high power. Together, the alliance members own and operate more than 500 fast chargers in 6 countries. They operate their networks according to high standards. This includes providing 24/7 customer service, and ensuring maximum network uptime. The alliance is open to other networks adhering to these standards.


The Open Fast Charging Alliance founding members are:

Fastned (The Netherlands)
Sodetrel (France)
Smatrics (Austria)
Grønn Kontakt (Norway)
GOtthard FASTcharge (Switzerland)

The alliance will focus on bilateral roaming agreements between these high quality networks by implementing open standards such as OCPI. The first implementations are planned within the year.

Alliansen som skal gjøre det enklere for elbilister å navigere seg gjennom Europa består av Grønn Kontakt, Fastned, Sodetrel, Smatrics og Gotthard FASTcharge.

About Fastned
Fastned is building a network of fast-charging stations where all electric cars can charge. This will provide freedom for electric cars to drive everywhere. As of today, Fastned operates in The Netherlands and is working on expanding its fast charging network to the rest of Europe. Fastned is listed on the Nxchange stock exchange.

Contact person: Kyra Hartlief
Title: PR Manager
Phone number: +31648405902
Email: [email protected]


SODETREL, a 100% subsidiary of EDF SA, is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions in the field of electric mobility. SODETREL positions itself as a provider of fully integrated charging services; from conception to installation, operation and maintenance of charging infrastructures for electrixc and hybrid vehicles. SODETREL operates several thousand charging points in real time and applies its proven expertise to propose intelligent, reliable and efficient charging systems. SODETREL carried out with EDF, BMW, Nissan, Renault, VW and ParisTech the CORRI-DOOR network consisting in 200 interoperable and multi-standard fast charging stations along the main highway axes in France. This fast charging infrastructure network owned and fully operated by SODETREL is co-financed by the EC through the European TEN-T program.

Contact person: Marie Allibert
Phone number: +33184201620
Email: [email protected]


SMATRICS is the leading supplier of services for individual e-mobility and is the first and only provider to offer a charging network all over Austria and across its borders. The electricity for this high performance charging network providing 400 charging points every 60km comes from 100% renewable energy / is gained by hydroelectric power production. The SMATRICS network is available for all users. It can be activated via mobile phone, payment by creditcard is possible. Flexible tariffs, customer oriented services, a mobile app and a 24-hour customer hotline are part of the business activities as well as tailor-made charging solutions for companies, their employees, customers and guests. SMATRICS offers full service, starting from consultation, installation and operation of infrastructure up to individual types of allocation/billing.

Contact person: Jürgen Beilein
Title: PR contact
Phone number: +436648312841
Email: [email protected]


About Grønn Kontakt
Grønn Kontakt offer smart charging solutions to all electric cars, and owns and operates 140 fast chargers covering most of Norway. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to drive green. In addition to fast charging, the company offers smart charging solutions for companies, parking operators and private homes. The company has partner agreements with Circle K and Coop, and will double the size of its fast charge network in 2017. The company’s two major shareholders are Statkraft and Agder Energi.

Contact person: Ole Henrik Hannisdahl
Title: Managing Director
Phone number: +4797782677
Email: [email protected]


About GOtthard FASTcharge
The GOtthard FASTcharge Ltd is a Swiss company with the mission to create a network of «Superchargers for everybody». That is a high performance charging infrastructure (150kW/1’000V) where a modern electric vehicle can recharge up to 100 km range in 10 minutes.

Contact person: Marco Piffaretti
Title: Chairman of the board
Phone number: +41796203028
Email: [email protected]