Welcome to Mer

Mer is a national operator of charging stations that offer charging of electrical vehicles - along the road, in workplaces, public parking spaces and at home.

Mer, former Grønn Kontakt, was established in 2009 and the company is owned by Statkraft. Mer also has partner agreements with COOP, the Olav Thon Group and Umoe Restaurants (Burger King).

Today, we have over 260 fast charging stations all across Norway; from Mandal in the south, to Tromsø in the north – and this number is increasing every month. Mer also offers smart charging solutions for housing cooperatives, industry and public parking spaces. 


  • How to access our chargers

    Become a customer of Mer and get automatic volume discount!

    It’s free to become a Mer customer – all you have to do is sign up at Mer Hub.

    Please provide all your contact information here as requested, and once you have received the confirmation mail, you’re good to charge!

    (Ps! If you haven’t received the mail to your inbox, please check your spam filter)


    If you want to charge with an RFID chip, please tick off the box in the registration process, and we will send one to you to the registered address (costs 50 NOK).

  • How to charge with app

    If you don’t have time to wait for the snail mail and the RFID chip, please download our Mer Connect app for a fast and easy access to our charging stations.

    The app allows you to start and stop charging sessions and to navigate to selected charging stations, indicating which ones are functioning and available.  Your charging session will be billed through the app. Easy and practical!

    The app is available in both Google Play and App Store.


    • Start charging by opening the app and finding the correct charging station in the map. Select the charging point you have connected to your car and the charging will start.
    • To stop session: please stop the charging session in app, follow the instruction on the charging station screen.
  • How to charge with RFID

    • Scan the RFID chip to start charging session. Please read instruction on charger for correct order of connecting cable and scanning RFID chip.
    • Once you and your car is happy with the battery status, please scan RFID chip to stop charging session.


  • Pricing

    Prices in the North (N03 & N04)

    Fast- and ultra fast charging (>50kW)

    Registrered customer: NOK 6,39 per kWh

    Drop-in: NOK 6,99 per kWh

    Normal charging (<22kW)

    Registered customer: NOK 3,99 pr kWh

    Drop-in: NOK 4,39 per kWh


    Prices in the South (N01, N02 & N05)

    Fast- and ultra fast charging (>50kW)

    Registered customer : NOK 8,99 per kWh

    Drop-in: NOK 9,39 per kWh

    Normal charging (<22kW)

    Registered customer: NOK 6,99 per kWh

    Drop-in: NOK 7,25 per kWh

    All prices incl. VAT 


    Get automatic volume discount as a registered customer!

    We calculate a discount based on how much you charge every month:

    Charge amount per month, incl VAT  Discount
    Kr 500 ÷ 5 %
    Kr > 1000 ÷ 10 %

    As soon as you charge for over NOK 500, you will automatically receive 5% discount on the next charging.

    When you charge for more than NOK 1000, you will receive 10% discount.

    At the end of each month, we check if you have charged to maintain you level of volume discount for coming month.

    Please note that the discounts are only valid for publicly available chargers.

    If you need technical help to access the charging stations – please call our 24/7 customer service +47 47 67 08 00!

    Ren energi fra Statkraft

    Fyll inn skjemaet under, så kontakter vi deg. Du kan også ringe oss på tlf: 47 67 08 00

    Smart, safe and easy charging of your EV!